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Video dalla pagina americana. Dressage, salto, team penning, barrell racing, sky joring !!!

In October, 2008, at the Certified Horsemanship Association’s International Conference, Dr. Cook conducted a unique experiment. It demonstrated that the performance of four horses immediately and significantly improved, within four minutes, when their jointed snaffle bridle was replaced with a crossunder bitless bridle. Four riding school horses that were being ridden in a crossunder bitless bridle for the very first time, completed two four-minute exercise tests, first in a snaffle bridle, then in the BitlessBridle…..look at it!

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Born 1952. Degree in Biological Sciences University of Genova, Italy. Researcher, CNR of Italy 1977-'80 (neurochemistry) then various task related to biology till now. Active Member and Certified Trimmer of the American Hoof Association. Didactic activity: equine podiatry and nutrition. Area of interest: evolution and physiology. Airline pilot and flight instructor for living 1981-2002.