Cura e riabilitazione del piede equino

care and rehabilitation of the equine foot
Scritto da Pete Ramey con la collaborazione di alcuni tra i massimi ricercatori  è un libro rivolto ad un pubblico competente di “addetti ai lavori” e di appassionati. In lingua inglese, edito alla fine del 2011. Il testo unico che mancava, acquistabile direttamente da Hoofrehab.

Practical Instruction… look at the cover please.

…We believe that the laminae produce both the tubular and intertubulat horn in the hoof wall and sole of younger horse..Our findings suggest that the primary function of the laminae is to actually produce tubules, as they provide a reservoir of keratinociytes to br used by the hoof wall as needed. Any weight -bearing responsabilities the laminae have should be considered their secondary role. As a result we must begin to trim and protect the foot differently, so more of the load is redistributed to the solar structures rather than exclusively loading the hoof wall. Such a change in trimming and hoof protection methodology, we believe, will improve the overal health of the horse’s foot and may even reduce the incidence of certain disease conditions. (page 81)

Robert M. Bowker, VDM, PhD

Department of Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 48824