Leonardo de Curtis (Ipparco) nella AHA

Ipparco é ufficialmente “certified trimmer” della American Hoof Association. Di seguito la breve biografia visibile sul sito della associazione. Complimenti ed Auguri Leo!!!

I was born in Germany in 1984 and moved to Italy with my parents in 1987. Since childhood, I was fascinated by Nature and Science, and loved to observe plants and animals. My parents always encouraged this attitude. I attended public schools in my hometown, Modena, and graduated from High School in 2004.
Meanwhile, in spring 2003, I was given a horse by a family friend who didn’t want it anymore.
Being completely ignorant about horses, I started to study everything I could find about them and questioning things, including shoeing. At first I was fascinated by farriery, but soon started to feel uncomfortable with iron shoes.
At the same time I was learning to ride and care for this horse, Pallina, I also started to study Physics at Modena University. Day after day I was learning things that told me horseshoes weren’t very healthy for my horse. But what were the alternatives?
In late 2005 some friends of mine attended a seminar about Natural Boarding and Barefoot hoofcare, and decided to pull the shoes on their horses. Very skeptical at the beginning, I observed very carefully those hooves and how they changed. The philosophy was interesting, but could it really work?
In 2006 I decided to give it a try. The trimmer who came at the beginning to pull the shoes and trim her messed up, and out of three trims, two lamed Pallina quite seriously. So I decided that I could lame her by myself and started to study about hoof trimming. I started from Jaime Jackson’s HOG, went through Lapierre’s “Chosen Road” and finally stumbled upon Pete Ramey’s website, hoofrehab.com.
Here, for the first time, things started really to tick in my head. Pallina’s feet started to look and work better, and friends started to ask me to help them with their horse’s feet. What started as a hobby became more involving and rewarding month after month, and in 2011 I started to do it professionally, even if only in my spare time. Meanwhile I’m trimming around 100 horses on monthly basis, have earned a good experience in managing problem hooves and nutritional issues, and in boot fitting. Next step would be to make it my main job, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to become AHA member.
I firmly believe the most important tool to work successfully in general, and with horses in particular, is knowledge. That’s true for the Hoofcare Practitioner, but for the Horseowner as well. For this reason in the last years I’ve spent quite a lot if time studying and trying to raise awareness about the advantages of natural boarding and hoofcare, writing articles, translating texts and giving advice to people (and horses) in distress. Becoming AHA member was the inevitable, natural next step in this process.

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Informazioni su Franco Belmonte

Born 1952. Degree in Biological Sciences University of Genova, Italy. Researcher, CNR of Italy 1977-'80 (neurochemistry) then various task related to biology till now. Active Member and Certified Trimmer of the American Hoof Association. Didactic activity: equine podiatry and nutrition. Area of interest: evolution and physiology. Airline pilot and flight instructor for living 1981-2002.