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My name is Franco Belmonte, biologist, I am a AHA certified trimmer.  I admire Jaime Jackson and other researchers for their naturalistic studies, it is my opinion that  Pete Ramey gave us a complete, logic interpretation of the technique able to rehab the equine foot. This is the reason why I chosen to apply  to the American Hoof Association. On the right side of this page you can find, underlined, the rehabilitation protocol that he signed.

Most of this site is written in italian. What I take from the world outside is in the original english language and the author is always cited.  Some articles and preface to the pages are translated. I believe that if translated in english some articles could have a more large diffusion. If you can help me to translate it let me know.

Igiene Veterinaria” is the pillar of my thought and action. The Natural Boarding is mostly an hygienic environment around the horse.

Very different from the veterinary hygiene teached at the university and directed to avoid the transfer of pathogens to humans, my Veterinary Hygiene means animal welfare.

Food, water, wells, air, housing, sunlight, socialization, open space, movement,  are matter of human hygiene for medical doctors, biologists, pharmacists. All these professionals work for human welfare. A veterinarian is a medical doctor for animals when, he or she, studies and works for the animal welfare, animal health and patient healing with secondary regard to the interest of the owner. Otherwise I see more appropriate the term technician.

The page “Letture” is continuously growing.  A feedback from the reader is necessary and welcome.

Studio di zoccoli” is an introduction to the trim. Brigitte, donkeys, Carlotta, Frida…

Laminite“, “Sindrome Navicolare” are dedicated pages.  English reader, you can click here for Navicular Syndrome in your language,  Navicular Syndrome Notes

My activity is mostly oriented to organize seminars, clinics. A gain is not expected. They can be offered both in italian and/or english.

I am glad to receive pictures of your horse’s hooves and to (try) to answer your question. Welcome again, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for your visit.